<center> Eduardo Neeter </center>

Eduardo Neeter

Founder / CEO

Eduardo is the founder of FactualVR. His background includes a mix of management, entrepreneurship and technological expertise. Eduardo began working in the field of VR in 1996 in a Japan-based research lab, and in 2001 as a graduate research assistant while at Georgia Tech. He also worked in several startup companies in Silicon Valley, including a spin off from SRI (Stanford Research Institute.) He holds a BSc in Systems Engineering and an MBA in Strategic Management.

<center> Yao Chen </center>

Yao Chen


Yao is a software developer who is responsible for system design, feature development, and simulation design for FactualVR Platform. He is a firm believer of AR/VR technology and has worked with a variety of the recent AR/VR enabled headsets, smartphones and tablets. Yao graduated from Tandon School of Engineering of NYU in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

<center> Elliot Winch </center>

Elliot Winch


Elliot has been a Software Developer since July 2018. He works on Software Architecture, Augmented Reality and features for creating content from inside VR. VR first interested Elliot for game design. Now, he believes that virtual spaces will reshape how every industry communicates, trains their staff, and provides their services. He studied Computer Science with Game Design at NYU College of Arts and Sciences and graduated in May 2018.

<center> Johnnan Monzon </center>

Johnnan Monzon


Johnnan is a software developer intern under the sponsorship of The RLab. He has a background in mathematics and its applications to game design and computer graphics. The potential of VR/AR/MR technology sparked interest in Johnnan and now he sees such technology becoming the future platform of entertainment. He is pursuing a B.S. joint degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at CUNY Macaulay Honors College, The College of Staten Island.